Good food within everyone’s reach

Italian spirit and regionality

Our commitment has always been to create high quality products to give our customers the opportunity to add distinctive value to their catering offer, thanks to the use of 100% Italian raw materials and ingredients.

In a country where excellent cuisine is a must because of culture and tradition, where the land with its products is an added value, we wanted to opt for productions in which raw materials highlight the Italian identity and taste.

Alimentis is committed to showcasing the flavours of Italian regions. We pay the utmost attention and respect to local traditions, regional characteristics and cultural diversity that represent our heritage needing safeguarding. In interpreting Italy's finest recipes we want to rediscover and preserve our traditional flavours and aromas, undisputed symbols of recipes, of promoting our land, of sharing where "everything stays its authentic self". Because this is what cooking must truly be: a shared experience.


And behind everything there is a well-structured and modern company, at the forefront of its choices to guarantee maximum satisfaction, in every field. A future focused company, yet with roots established in recent traditions. Passion, tradition, spirit of innovation, all linked to modern flexibility. For over 20 years, tradition and innovation have merged in the art of transforming the excellent produce of our land into food specialties dedicated to catering. Our passion drives our daily decisions, our challenges and continuous improvement. Passion that shows our relationship with our land, the people, our ingredients and with respect for our customers. For this reason, our products are fruit of research seen as an expression of authentic passions, able to turn food into a delicate pleasure. In preparing a dish, in its tasting, lies an expression of the knowledge, the art and the culture of the land which produced it.

The history of Italian cuisine is also the story of a culture. With a hundred cities and a thousand bell towers, Italy is land of a hundred culinary traditions and a thousand recipes. Italian cuisine is the result of centuries of experience making it even more meaningful and appealing. Expressing the culture of good food and cuisine means focusing on human relationships, quality of life and respect in all its forms.

These values form the basis of our choices and how we develop our products.