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For Alimentis, quality has always meant equilibrium between satisfaction and customer needs. For this reason, the company has set itself, as a strategic objective, the definition and sharing of a QUALITY POLICY.

Alimentis is aware of operating in a competitive and mature market, developing its business through increasing customer satisfaction, a satisfaction that is expressed through the provision of foodstuffs that are suitable for the specific use and manufactured according to healthy, hygienically correct and technologically guaranteed production conditions.

It is by working with this in mind that our company searches for precise values with regard to the product such as Healthiness (through constant monitoring of the manufacturing operations and the supply chain), the quality of the product (through continuous research of the best features in terms of handling and ease of use, combined with innovation and development), the optimization of the perceived value of the product: ensuring transparency and information to the consumer and training of its employees.

All this while preserving the Italian and in particular the Mediterranean consumption pattern, reflecting the tradition of the local cuisine and the exploitation of typical raw materials, which has always been our gourmet “pride”, respecting the best technology and innovation.